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10 Business You Can Start up with 50,000 and Make A Big Profit Daily.

As we all know that we can't do without business if only you don't want to be a reliability to anybody or even a company.

I will use this medium to introduce to you some Businesses yo can start up with Small amount and make some big profit everyday till it Boom.

These businesses listed below, you can start them with ad low as 50 Thousand Naira and less.

1. Crypto Currency: You can trade you money with exchange as dollar increases daily. Put in your cash there and wait days for your profit , you can imagine that.

2. Online Shopping: Shop online and make profit, be an agent: Buy and sell your products or other people products, you can make cool cash on it.

3. Okrika Sellings: Shift some fairly used items like; Clothes, shoes.... Electronics etc and resell them as well them make some gain inside.

4. Real Estate Business: With 50k you can start being the landlord of your own, get a plot(s) of land somewhere and with time you sale it with Millions of Naira.

5. Fruits Sellings: Start fruits sell by setting up some fruits like, : Banana, cucumber, watermelon, Pineapple etc and make some profits daily.

6. Newspaper/Magazines sellings: Trade newspapers , pass information to the world and make cool cash.

7. Some Provisions and Food Stuffs: As we all know that we can't do without food, just start up little , with time it will grow.

8. Wholesale Pure water Sellings: Buy from Producers, then supply to retailers and make your gain there of. Its very cool

9. Palm oil Sellings: Buy in Gallons an retail it to the final consumers.

10. Bread and Cake sellings : Get some bread from the producers and retrade it to the final consumers , very simple and profitable.

Note: There are some other Good Business Like: FARMING system ( Livestocks)


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