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Changes That Have Taken Place In Nigeria Since It Became Independent

So much has been said about the present situation in Nigeria that many people now seem to believe that it has made no material progress since it became Independent in the year 1960. Some have even tried to prove that it has made actual material retrogression as compared with the years before Independence

 Perhaps the most noticeable thing that resurrected man is the physical changes. He would be surprised to see various infrastructures such as the modern express ways, the great dams for electricity generation, the beautiful bridges , the airports and seaports , beautiful tourist centres, the beautiful stadiums and so many other things that were not existing before Independence.

Other physical change includes the new storey and bungalow buildings that have replaced the huts and mud houses which were usually found in the cities and villages of Nigeria before Independence . The roads in and around the towns have been reconstructed to make to land transportation easier and safer. Before Independence the roads were in bad condition which make land transportation difficult and unsafe. The good roads and streets and the modern houses now make the towns and cities look more beautiful than they were before Independence.

Another great change is the improvement in the material condition of living for the people. The improvement can be seen in various ways. For example, the whole environment of the individual, his food, housing and medical care have greatly improved.

Some social amenities like electricity and water have been extended to all parts of the country. Before Independence there was no tap water or electricity in most parts of Nigeria.If a person wanted to cook or wash his or her clothes, he or she had to trek many kilometres to fetch water from the stream . In the night the streets were so dark because there were on electricity.

 All the changes noticeable in the post-independent Nigeria, economic development is one of the most significant. By 1960 there were very few Indigenous capitalists and businessmen. All the large industries and trading firms were owned by the foreign entrepreneurs.Wholesale and retail trades were also monopolized by then while Nigerians were functioning as small retail traders. But today through indigenization policy of the government, Nigerians have taken over most of the economic enterprises owned by foreign entrepreneur. Most Nigerian businessmen now owned big factories and large firm.

Again the post-independent Nigeria has witness a lot of changes in education. Before Independence there were few opportunities for education. There were few primary and secondary schools and only four Universities in the whole Nigeria. People needed education to get better jobs to earn a living. They would like to liked to go school to aquire knowledge. But today there are very many primary and secondary schools and higher institution in Nigeria, and children have many opportunities to pursue education to any level.

Furthermore, there were political changes.More States had been created . The federal capital had been moved from Lagos to Abuja.

Also,it is true that the condition of living in Nigeria today is far better than what it was in the days before Independence. Yet people still complain about life. They should complaining because they have so many things today which were not available before Independence. Nowadays we have good roads and transport and people are given good education to enable them to enjoy life more and secure better jobs. There are tap water and electricity to make Life more pleasant. All these things were not available in Nigeria before Independence.

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