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If You Are A Writer, here Are The 5 Legit Website That Pay You Up To $200 A Month.

Most content creators are also looking for a was to write for other legit website,in other for them to earn from those website. According to my research,there are 5 apps you can download and share your creativity,in other for you to earn from those apps,here are the legit website below.

1. Hub pages:

Hub pages is a very legit website you can earn from,most writers get paid for writing articles in this platform,and also you can make money from advertisement and affiliated marketing. They have thousands members,who post most of their unique articles in this platform,and they have been paying most of their members when they reach their threshold. They don't value plagiarism,they only value original contents and their earning potential are up to $350 upwards in a month. They pay most users through Bank Account.

2. Textbroker Website:

Textbroker is also a platform where various articles of authors are shared,you can also create a content for a clients and charge him or both of you will negotiate.

Textbroker has delivered millions of content to its clients,authors are very happy and comfortable with the website,which help them to showcase most of their work,and also make money from it.

3. Sitepoint website:

Sitepoint is also one of the legit websites you can also earn from by writing a good content articles in the platform. Most of their content creators are paid for writing a good content if it is not plagiarize. Their are a lot of categories where you can choose the one that you are good in writing. They pay in dollars and their earning potential are up to $100.

4. Uxbooth Website:

Uxbooth is also one of the best website with a lot of diverse articles of the writers. They encourage most of their writer,by paying enough cash for them to write more articles in the platform. Most of their categories are based on:business,religion sport and so on. You can earn $200 daily if you are indeed a serious writer.

5. Iwriters:

Iwriters is also one of the legit apps where creative writers made enough money in writing good content articles. Basically most people get paid for words and the cost differs,it could be either standard writer or elite plus writer. So in other for you to make enough cash in this platform I will encourage you to be a elite plus writer,meaning that you should take time writing a good and quality content every day. Most of the earning potential of the platform start from $200.

In other for you to make money their are a lot of steps you need to take,because a person who is successful now,know what he has passed through to get to that level. So you have to take every thing serious in life to be great. Don't forget to sign up on this website above and start earning to settle some of your bill,you can also share with friends,like and follow me,am here for your own benefits.

Content created and supplied by: Starlightnews (via Opera News )

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