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Here are some Artifacts stolen by the Colonial Masters, they worth millions in the current market.

The planet of Africa is a planet that is blessed with so many good soils, oceans, trees e.t.c. Africa is known for its vast land filled with trees and Grass that gives it beauty. One of the main reasons the colonial master came to Africa was to explore and make use of our natural resources. Africa is blessed with different kinds of natural resources from Gold in Ghana, ivory in Cote'divore, crude oil in Nigeria, diamond in South Africa e.t.c. The continent of Africa was partitioned among the various European countries to colonies and explore their resources. Major colonial Masters in Africa were the British, French and Portuguese.

One very important thing that the colonial master stole for from Africa is our Artifacts. Africa is blessed with very good and beautiful Artifacts that were design in different countries of Africa from Nigeria,Benin,Ghana e.t.c.

Here are some pictures of our Artifacts carried by colonial master to Europe that worth million in the current day market.

This Artifacts is part of our history in Africa and it worth millions in the current market. You can drop your comments.

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