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Confusion as twitter handles of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Bitcoin, others gets compromised.

All is not well as people are just getting over the shock of the accounts of high profile members society been hacked and used as a tool to perpetuate fraud. Hence the unease yesterday on Twitter as it was discovered that the Twitter handle of notable men in the society was compromised. The hackers, took advantage of the unsuspecting public to dupe them of their money in the form of crypto currency. The claimed to be running a sort of money doubling scheme to double 1k btc within 30 minutes.

Accounts compromised include that of the following;

Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos

Elon musk

Kanye west



Coin base


Charlee Lee. Others included;

Justin sun




The handle of this year's front runner for president, was equally not spared as can be seen below

Bill Gates👇👇

The issue has since been rectified but losses had already been suffered by some.

Print outs where tendered supposedly showing the location of the hackers but was since dismissed as false. See print out below

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