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Don't Say I'm Unemployed, A 16_ Year Old Girl Turns Used Tyres To Household Furniture. (Photos)

A young girl who bears the name, Favour Oluma introduced herself on a social media networking platform, Facebook, as a 16_ year old girl who turns used tyres into beautiful household furniture in order to make a living. Her hustle is an unusual one but she is proud of it by showing it on Facebook.

Seeing a young girl who doesn't rely on anybody for job but she rather depends on her career which could earn her something dependable in return. It is a self_ empowerment. She said via her post: "My name is Favour Oluma, I'm 16 years old, I upcycle used tyres to household furniture. THIS IS MY HUSTLE". It is a good hustle for a young girl like her. Below are pictures.

Lesson From Her Hustle.

Some individuals often say I'm unemployed and I can't find a dependable job. The message from the hustle of Favour Oluma is to discover one's talent and makes it a thriving and financially dependable career. Her beautiful products really makes sense. One's talent is a self_ empowerment.

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Favour Oluma Oluma


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