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The Law of Value and insight into the meaning of success.

The Law of Value

Wealth and money responds to VALUE. If you understand the law of Value, you're on your way to wealth and abundance.

VALUE simply put means what you have to offer to get what you want. Value is a measure of your usefulness to society through your skills, gifts, ideas and so on. To get money, add value to people.

VALUE is monetary terms means your skill and area of expertise to provide * Solutions to problems 

* Providing a level of ease to tasks 

The amount of money you receive ( wealth or income) will always be in exact proportion to these three things.

* The demand for what you do( products or service you offer)

* Your ability ( skill and expertise) to do what you do

* The difficulty in replacing you ( Your level of excellence and dexterity)

Never provide any service where there's no demand for it. If you do, your value will go unrewarded. For example; don't go and supply or sell diapers in a student environment ( university). 

You must realize that you're paid for something only if there's a demand for it. You will remain relevant only when there's a demand for what you do.

Apart from selling products, you can offer services.. Which also includes providing solutions to the society. In order to this, one must be creatively valuable.

Being creatively valuable is a state where by you have groomed your mind to be a problem solver. At this stage in life, no one can ignore you. You will be always needed and rewarded by the society.

*Let's talk about success.*

There are many definition of success out there, but one common ground we all have about success is that it is tied to monetary terms. In today's world, defining success without monetary terms will be incomplete.

I don't want to add to the views of knowledge of success that is already available, all I want to do today is show a deep truth about what success is. Let's begin

* SUCCESS IS NOT WHAT YOU DO; IT IS WHAT YOU BECOME; If you understand this powerful truth, you'll never be a failure.

Business cannot make you rich, a job cannot make you rich, the only entity that can make you rich is YOU. I know you don't understand, let me break it down.

There so many salary earners and business owners whose wages and profits are enough to liberate them out of poverty, but they still end up in debts.. Why do you think this happens?

It is quite simple, success is not what you do but who you're becoming.

Success is not an instant thing, it is a growth oriented process. Until you understand this, success will be a mirage.

To be successful financially, there's a required growth level that sponsors your financial status. Your default bank account balance is litmus test to check your financial growth level.

If your financial growth level is 30,000 and you're given 300,000. You'll think you can manage it and invest it well till it all goes. Events will occur that will reduce that money back to your default growth level which 30,000.

In order to increase your default bank balance, you need to first increase it in your mind.

My illustration shows that there's a psychology to success. And the psychology of success proves that success is first a belief system before it is tangible.

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Law of Law of Value


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