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Here Is How To Check Your Nirsal Application Loan Status And How You Can Access Your Credit

Recently Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) in collaboration with Microfinance Bank implemented a program of given out loan to individuals and groups within the country with very low interest to provide support in this trying time. The application which is now closed lasted for three months and Many Nigerians applied for the loan and are adamantly waiting for their accounts to be credited people while some received the amount of credits they requested.

Some people where not opportune to know about the program until it's almost over and had rush to applied at the closing time without fully understanding of how to access their credits even their loan application was approved. The important thing to know about Nirsal Loan is that, for any approved person to get his money he has to sign an agreement contract and also provides his bank details that he want the money to be credited on. I decided to write this article to help out on how to check, if the your loans are been approved or was on processing.

For those that applied at the early stage of the application, they were contacted via email or SMS to sign the contract and provide their bank details. Under normal circumstances, anybody who applied and been approved will be contacted, but as many people applied this process of contacting successful applicant may have become difficult and hence many people didn't know about the status of their applications and will be left waiting without receiving the money even if the loan was approved. Please read carefully the guidance I'm given you on how to check your status and successfully access your loan.

All you need to check your status is your bank verification number (BVN) and then click on here or copy to your browser, it will pop out something like the screenshot below and you will selected the category under which you applied the loan.

There are two categories for the loan (the SME and Household loan) but most people applied for household loan, though some applied under the other category. You should click on your category depending on your application while checking your status, another screen will pop up and you will be requested to provide your BVN to check if the loan is approve or not. When you see that the BVN is invalid it means that you have to check back another time as your application is under processing.

If the application is approve you will be directed to read conditions of the loan and also sign an agreement to the terms. After the agreement you will then provide your account number that will be use to deposit the amount of money you requested.

After you have filled all your account details, all you will need to do is just relax to see the credits on your account for a period of two to three days. Some people still complained about not receiving the loan despite following this protocol, if you have the same problem I advice you to visit your nearest Microfinance bank to lodge your complaints.

If you have any question regarding this write up feel free to left a comment and also please share the article as it reaches you for it to reaches many more people. Don't forget to click the like and also follow me on Mashruky to read more important articles as it unfolds.

Content created and supplied by: Mashruky (via Opera News )

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