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For writers on OperaNewsHub. Account Credit Score now displays.

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Recall that the management of OperaNewsHub recently announced to it's writers on the news platform that some changes will be made in regards to the penalties and sanctions that comes with rejected articles. The management subsequently informed writers on the platform of it's decision to scrap the deduction of monthly earnings based on the number of rejected articles.

At such, the management came up with a stricter new policy of an "Account Credit Score" which displays the percentage of the credit score a writer has on the platform.

Well, good news because OperaNewsHub has now made available this Account Credit Score available on each writer's dashboard.

How to view your account credit score

* Login to Opera news hub account using a browser (Chrome, Opera mini.. etc)

* Once you're logged in, you'll see your "Credit Score" boldly displayed on your dashboard, just above your latest posts.

The good thing is that every writer on OperaNewsHub starts with a clean slate for now, so I'll advice you to be very careful on how you get articles rejected because your account could be suspended or banned from posting news on the platform when your credit score reduces to a certain point.

Credit Score deductions are programmed like this

* Fake articles - 10 credit points

* Not original contents - 10 credit points

* Click bait (Headline rules violations) - 5 credit points

* Out of date contents - 5 credit points

* Disgusting contents - 5 credit points

Note: The account credit score will add up 1 point for every seven days that a writer is able to avoid his/her articles being rejected.

So if a writer has a credit score of 70% and he/she is able to avoid article rejections for 14 days.. The credit score will automatically move up by 2% totalling 72%

Having read all these, it'll be in the interest of every writer to reduce the number of rejected articles on his/her account.

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