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"If you want to avoid poverty, then you must do this"- Reno gives strong advice to NIGERIAN youths

Every one wants to overcome the shackles of poverty and become that stone that would liberate his or her family from the sufferings that is attached to it. This is why most youths ends up doing illegal things just to see that they don't end up poor.

Reno who is know for his daily life tips have given an advice to Youths about how to overcome poverty. In his post, he said, "Do you want to overcome poverty? Then stop buying luxuries when you have not yet bought necessities. And for the avoidance of doubt, investing for retirement is a necessity. If you have no nest egg, don’t buy the best Range. Arrange your old age!

If you dont find a way to make money work for you, you will work for money, until you are too old to work. Then money will abandon you when you need it most. Sell something. Preferably online. You‘re not rich until you make money even in your sleep."

Below are screenshots of reactions of Nigerians to this post. What so you think? Kindly follow this page for more juicy contents. Thank you.

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