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The Best Solutions to High Rate of Unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment in Nigeria is the situation whereby some people who fall within the ages of the working population, capable and willing to work, are not able to due to certain conditions.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is very alarming. It is outrageously increasing day by day, year by year as enormous number of students are graduating and moving into the labour market. If adequate provisions are not put in place, Federal Government may have no other option than to declare state of emergency for unemployment.

Possible Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

The following are the causes of unemployment in Nigeria:

* Indebtedness

* Spending huge amount of money on temporal jobs and empowerment

* Absence of Industrialization

* Poor Agricultural system

* Corruption

* No Social Amenities in Rural Areas

* Poor Electricity supply

* Economic Recession

* Faulty Educational System

* High Cost of Education

* Overpopulation

* High Taxation etc.

Best Solutions to Unemployment in Nigeria

Apart from tackling all other causes of unemployment in Nigeria, I am on the opinion that these ones should be treated as priority;

* Electricity Supply

High rate of power outage have contributed mainly on the winding up of firms. It is the reason why many people are not going into entrepreneurship as most of the businesses depend greatly on electricity for functioning.

* Taxation

Imposing high tax on private enterprises, discourages them from employing more manpower in order to survived. But if this issue is looked into, then, the tax rate reduced. I think this will go a long way in encouraging private enterprises to last longer, expand and employ more Nigerians.

* Temporal Jobs and Empowerments

For years now, Nigerian government have been providing temporal jobs, short time jobs and empowerments such as Sure-P, UBE, Npower etc. They are spending millions and billions of Naira funding these programs and after the duration of the program, the volunteers will be back to the labour market. Instead of giving unemployed Nigerians temporal jobs through these capital intensive programs, it will be better to get them securely and gainfully employed through Industrialization.

* Industrialization:

I think this is where Nigerian government, both States and Federal are missing it. Image all State Governors picked it up as a challenge to put up at least one industry each in any location of the States they are governing while Federal government construct one industry each in all the States Capitals including Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

That will be a total of 72 industries established under one regime. 72 industries are capable of employing millions of unemployed Nigerians. That will bring a significant decreased in the rate of unemployment in the country.

Therefore, if these factors discussed above are put into considerations, I believed the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria will be reduced to the nearest minimum.

Thank you!

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