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How to raise capital to start a cheap business in Nigeria without loan

1.            Family

Apart from your Piggy bank's money, another way to raise enough money for your business is through your family and relatives, but first you have to win their trust. It could be an issue trying to get cash from your family and relatives in case they don't believe in your idea.

Obviously, if you need individuals to trust you, you need to trust yourself first. You should fight for their trust and show your business thinking as one that can be achieved with the money you are asking for. There's no shame in begging your family and close relatives for help at all, calling for a family reunion if you have to.

2. Friends and Well-wishers

Outside of your relatives, your friends and well-wishers are the closest people who can help you raise startup capital for your business. They need to trust and believe in your capacity once again before you get cash out of them.

Introduce your business idea and a well-defined business plan irrespective of how little the business will be; they may just be willing to assist you in monetary matters. Start with your dearest friends; as the business grows, you can guarantee to give them something accordingly. Friends and good-wishers should come in handy when starting a business.

3.   Grants and Angel investors

Another source of funds for a new business is a grant for a business. Grants are non-repayable funds or items provided to a beneficiary on a regular basis by grant donors, government, associations or trust. Angel investors are basically the wealthy individuals who provide capital for a start-up business, usually in exchange for convertible debt or shareholdings.

Both for the people who are willing to give you a grant in your business and the Angel investors, all you need to do is convince these people with a very exceptional business proposal or plan as it might be. These individuals can be anyone, oh, from your father to your lecturer who believes in you... anyone.

4.   Get a Job that sustains your finance needs

It's understanding in this' Buhardship' if nobody can help you as quickly as you want. So you might have to help build someone else's dream in another to fund your dreams too. Get a job, work in another for a couple of years to save money and also gather experience. You will need all that wisdom to run your business I promise you too. If you had experience as an employee you would be an even better CEO.

You can't afford to disappoint people who have placed their trust in you to build a great empire when you eventually get this cash. You have to keep growing and thriving to make that business work for both you and them.

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Content created and supplied by: Stephen_Adeno_Patrick (via Opera News )

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