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'Igbo Amaka' - See pictures of Uche Ogar industrial city in Abia state (see pictures)

It's not too much if we commend people for doing good things.

As an Igbo and as a Nigerian one of the things that must always be on your mind is the development of this country.

Uche Ogar is an Igbo man, and he is one of the iconic individuals who are seen taking actions towards the development of this country.

He is currently the Minister of State for Mines and Steel development in Nigeria. He is an investor and entrepreneur who is involved in Oil and Gas. He is the founder of Master Energy Group.

This man has a dream of using his company Masters Energy Oil which he founded 2005 to path way for an industrial city.

Energy Oil has been able to expand and take the top position in Oil and Gas industry and later diversified into other industries like Power, EPC, 

Petrochemical, Shipping, Aviation and Marine.

The company has maintained good standards right from time and this made it to have more investors and gain more domination above competition.

Ogar has successfully built the industrial city which is a very large industrial factory which several activities are done in the same fence.

The industrial city which is located in Uturu in Abia state has about five plants which includes: The Master Organic Fertilizer plant, The Plastic plant, The Noodles plant, The Tricycle Assembly plant and The PVC plant.

This great development has created lots of employment both for indegines and non-indegines and also creating lots of opportunities.

let's go inside the factories.

Master Organic Fertilizer Plant 

This is the plant where fertilizers are produced using human wastes, this is to demonstrate the waste to wealth environmental rule, and create a more preserved environment.

The Plastic Plant 

This is plant where house hold plastics like water containers, plastic plates, water pipes and so on are manufactured.

Noodles Plant

This is a plant for the production of Instant Noodles and other snacks like biscuits.

The Tricycles (KEKE) Assembly Plant

The plant which will soon be manufacturing keke, but for now a involved assembling imported keke parts into complete keke.

The PVC Plant

This is a plant that produces all forms of plumbing accessories.

What's your view about this development? do you think we need more of it in this country? comment below.

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