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You need to be careful. This lady refused eating the meat she sells and here's people's reaction.

Passerby and motocyclists gathered a young lady who sells assorted meat at Okokomaiko axis in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State, telling her to eat from the meat she sells. They promised to pay for the meat she was being asked to eat.

It attracted more crowd when she started crying and rejecting to eat the assorted meat. This made a lot of people question the source of her meat. Frankly, there's no big deal eating the meat so why was she crying then?

A lot is happening around us and we need to be careful. Everybody wants to make money and not many of them will do legal jobs to earn a living. I've seen where a woman was caught trying to pure water she used in cleaning her v**ina into the rice she sells. One should not just eat anywhere just because he/she is hungry.

Here's shot from the video

Here's how Nairalanders reacted to the video

Watch the video here

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