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High-Earning Skills Business you can Startup with Zero Capital.

Learn and Startup a High-Earning Businesses with Zero Capital.

Unemployment has currently become a trend, not by choice but because of the turn of economic events in the country. Living without a job is a horror to imagine especially with the high cost of living. There are so many business one could venture into but lack of capital makes that equally impossible.

The goodnews is that there are jobs that required little to zero capital but pay well enough to foot the bills and have some savings. Here are a few of those jobs;

-Website Design

All you need for this is a good eye and practice.Hours spent on idle chat can be put to use on free online design courses and constant practice, when you get a hand on it inform your friends, advertise on social media and see some bucks flow into your pocket.


Painters are a group of people that make mega bucks in Nigeria. Don't be quick to assume that it is just a matter of stroking your brush up- down or side to side. There is a level of precision needed, but not to worry it's nothing time consuming and requires no money.Learn online or shadow a painter for a few weeks and you should be in business.

-Baby Tender

Yes, it really just a business name for nanny or baby sitter. There are so many women in need of a baby tenders you'd be surprised. Women who need to work and have to put in hours at a time need someone to tend for their kids and are willing to pay well. You don't need to wait for a call you can walk up to any such persons and offer your services.

-Fitness Instructor/Trainee

With the craze for flat stomachs, six packs and toned body, you have the chance to make mega bucks. Go online learn a thing or two about fitness training, train your own body and offer your services. So many people want to train but don't have either the time to go the gym or the discipline to train by themselves at home, offer home services to such people and in no time they'll be referring you to their friends.

-Private Tutor

People mostly focus on young students for this, channel another angle and make as much money or more from it. There are old people who didn't study and who either don't have the time or are simply ashamed to try adult schooling. Well here is your chance you can also teach students who are preparing for big exams like WAEC, GCE, NECO and JAMB. Make sure you pick a subject you can really handle.

-Real Estate Agent

If you have great communication skills and how to build strong networks then real estate agent is yours for the taking. All it really takes is to keep your ears and eyes open, your feet on the ready and to be as persuasive and as convincing as possible. Know what is available and how much, know who wants to buy and how much he is willing to buy and become a mediator between the two. You can also take online classes to better harness your skills.

-Freelance Writing

Gone are the days when writers were looked down on for being 'lazy' . Many blogs are looking for writers and they pay real well , freelance writing affords you the opportunity to earn even from your home.Hone your writing skills and make money.

-Computer/Laptop Repair

In today's technology inclined world almost everybody has a laptop computer but only a few are into repairs. This is an undertapped area of business, a few weeks or months is enough for you to learn what you need to and start offering services for good bucks.

-Uber Driving

Uber has created an opportunity for you to make money and own your own terms.You can sign up for part time or full time driving.

This is a great way to make money with the plus side of being able to build a network. All you need to be an UBER driver is a valid driver's license.

A lot of people are still stagnant and unemployed because they look down on some job opportunities. Don't be part of that crowd

Which of these business do you think you can fit into ?

Don't procrastinate,Get started today.

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