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Question Of The Day:Which Nigeria Bank Can Create A Queue As Long As This?

A bank is an institution where one can place and borrow money, and take care of financial affairs. Nigeria is one of the countries that has the highest number of banks. The bank is a place of withdrawal, an institution where valuable items are stored and where loans are granted. 

 It is one of the safest places in the world due to its tight security. Even the best criminals will have to prepare well to rob a bank. Therefore, it's advisable to save 70% of your money in the bank to avoid certain loss. May you not be robbed in the mighty name of Jesus

 You will be seeing pictures of a very long queue below. The question is:

"Which Nigeria Bank Can Create Such Long Queue"

See list of top banks in Nigeria:

1:Zenith Bank:

This bank was incorporated in 1990. Zenith Bank is best known to offer retail and SME banking and private banking, corporate and investment banking and other services. As at this moment, Zenith bank serves more than 1.6million customers. Zenith bank is one of the best bank in Nigeria as it offers best and fast service to all its members. 

2:First Bank Nigeria:

 As the name implies, first bank was created in 1894 and it has its headquarter in Lagos state. The bank employs more than 7000 workers. Now, First bank has over 760 branches and over 2,600 automated teller machines. 

3:Guarantee Trust Bank:

 Mostly referred to as GT bank. The guarantee trust bank also offers best services for its customers. One of the Guarantee Trust Bank achievement is finding its way into the LSE, thus making it the first bank to be in the LSE. Currently, GT bank has over 1,165 automated teller machines. 


 The Ecobank was founded in 1986. Ecobank has more than 600 branches across Nigeria. Ecobank also offers fast services.

5:Access bank:

 This bank was licensed in 1988,and commercialised in 1989. Access bank need a lot of customers, you will see their agents walking around in various campuses. Kudos to access bank, they now have over 317 branches in Nigeria.

 These five banks are the top in Nigeria. Now tell me, which one can create a queue as long as those below, be frank:

Kindly drop your answers under the comment box. Please also follow me up and like this post. Thanks in advance. Have a nice, and fun-filled day ahead.

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