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Meet the youngest billionaires in Nigeria today.

I think young and successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria are really underrated, maybe because they don't flash wealth on Instagram like scammers, politicians and artistes.

We don't get to hear the name of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria like we always hear that of scammers, and to me that more like a reason why there are more scammers in this country every day, because scammers are so hyped and that makes the youth think that's the only way to wealth.

Seriously this people are supposed to be called legends, because they built their wealth from scratch and on a legal foundation.

Today I'll be listing some successful young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and what they do:


Age: 40 years 

Engagement: CEO of Solidarnosc, Asia. A company that produces alcoholic beverage.

Net Worth: Estimated to be $15 million.


Age: 45years

Engagement: CEO of Cosmos Oil and also into Real estate and also a construction engineer.

Net Worth: Estimated to be $1 billion.


Age: 40 years 

Engagement: Founder of Iroko TV. fastest growing internet company in Nigeria.

Net Worth: Estimated to be $5 million 


Age: 40years 

Engagement: Richest blogger in Africa.

Net Worth: Estimated to be $9.3 million.


Age: 42 years

Engagement: CEO of Paga. A company that helps to transfer money and pay bills.

Net Worth: Estimated to be $200 million.


Age: 35 years

Engagement: CEO of gamesole. A Nigeria popular game company.

Net Worth: Estimated to be $4.6 million.

This are some of the rich and successful young entrepreneurs in Nigeria, which their story will motivate you to take action today.

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