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Africa countries import $650bn goods annually from outside Africa

It has been reported that Africa countries including Nigeria spends over $650bn dollars to import goods from other foreign countries.

This comes at the detriment of our local products and the development of the continent.

It doesn't come as a surprise as Africans always prefer foreign products to theirs. They always have a reason to devaluate their products.

A Nigerian will cautiously condemn someone wearing a local produced Shoe ignoring the quality, but will sing praises of someone wearing Italian shoes. We are always crazy about foreign culture and products that's why even the toothpick we use is produced outside and the most common soft drinks coke and Pepsi Is a foreign product.

This is one of the reasons for unemployment in the country, as local manufacturers don't have enough support from the country and it's citizens. It's time we need to stop this crazy attitude and support what is ours. People sight the quality of the local made products as one of the reasons they don't patronize them, and they forget that Rome was not built in a day, that the only way this products will improve is when we support them and keep giving them feedback. Take for instance Innoson motors, if the citizens of Nigeria support that company as they patronize Benz and Lexus, Innoson with all it's potentials would have been a world class automobile industry.

It's time everyone assumes responsibility for the development of the country and continent and not only leaving it for the leaders. Let's support our own, let's vibe it as we vibe others, let's proudly show the world how creative we are. That's why I so much love how the Nigeria market forced Nigerian to prioritize locally made rice, since then the quality of rice production in the country has drastically improved and companies dealing on the production of rice can employ more workers as the demand of their products becomes high requiring more human resources. Such is a nice strategy and pray the government takes more similar approach to other products. We need to start forgetting about Italian shoes and focus on Nigeria shoes as we offer the same or better quality you can go to Aba and testify. We need to start applauding people wearing our local products, by so doing we will create more employment opportunities and help in the development of the country.

It's time to have a rethink and support our own and equally breath our own, because together we can make Africa great.

What do you think about my opinion?

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