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How to deal with nosey neighbours


Imagine walking down the stairs of your apartment building and a neighbour is trying to find out what you went to buy in the market or bluntly asking where you have been. Everybody has at one point in time had to deal with a nosey neighbour or friend trying to invade their personal space. In this article, we will be looking at five proven ways to curb this:

1. Mind your business

Are you in the habit of going about looking for gist or dishing out the community gist with excitement? Then you have earned others the right to invade your privacy. Minding your business is crucial in community living and it can never be over emphasized. When they see you seated comfortably talking about others, they in turn sit comfortably to talk about you and ask you personal questions about you to spice up their gist.

2. Respect yourself and others

Show courtesy and respect people especially while using other people's things. Be considerate with others. When you respect others and yourself, they in turn show respect to you automatically. Knowing fully well that neighbours are the closest people to us, for they are the ones that we can call upon in the time of an urgent need or emergency, it is very important that we keep our relationship with them on a very cordial level. No bad energy.

3. Keep Conversations light and on general topics as much as you can

When having conversations with neighbours, always try to keep it on a general level. Never discuss other people, particularly, never discuss other neighbours. It gives them the right to talk about you too and ask questions about your personal life. There are so many benefits to having productive conversations about ideas and philosophies an example of which is business opportunities or career growth

4. Do not divulge too much personal details about yourself

Are you in the habit of bragging about your achievements or complaining about the lack there of? This gives room for people to ask personal questions they have no business asking you or assume and gossip about it to others. Keep your private life private. Too much information is just the base for gossip and it gives nosey parkers the confidence to ask for more information. This alone can put a man in trouble 

5. Stay in your apartment

Are you in the habit of going from one apartment or the other in your building or street? It might be that you need some salt or sugar or you want to charge your phone because PHCN has done their own? Keep your requests for favours with neighbours on a very low level. It gives them the power to assume about you and then ask prying questions to verify their assumptions. All these assumption clarifications are probably just for gossip. Try to make yourself as comfortable as you can in your apartment and when you find you need to borrow something from your neighbours, be sure to always return it.

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