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I saw the boy from a distance picking this money, I never knew this will happen.

I saw the boy from a distance picking this money, I never knew this will happen. FICTION

We are in the end time, my people let be more careful, please warn your children against picking this on the floor. Human are becoming more heartless day after day and they're ready to do anything to become wealthy. Something happened to me which I want to share, it was a very scary and unforgettable occurrence.

It was on a bright afternoon, I was in my shop where I sell clothes.

I saw the in a shirt walking up and down the street, I only thought he lost something but I didn't really ask, in few minutes later I didn't see the man again.

I continue advertising my market, then I saw a boy returning from school, still in school uniform, he saw a 200n note on the ground, something in me told me that it's the money the man was looking, I was waiting that when he comes I'll tell him where the money is. 

But before I was able to know what's happening, the boy had picked it and he has turned to goat, I was shocked and couldn't believe what I saw, I decided to ran out to call people and tell them what I witnessed.

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