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Financial Intelligence - Be a Money Making Machine

Be Financially Educated

Recently I made an article on the wrong mentality people have about money, in the article I made some clarity about money and the right thinking of it. You can go check my profile for it.

In this article, we'll be discussing the right thinking of money we all should have. Imbibing the right money mentality, you will know how to locate, attract, earn, keep and multiply money.

1. Money Is To Be Attracted Not Pursued 

Earlier on,when discussing the wrong mentalities people have about money, to explain why people and things obey the law of attraction and not neediness, I made mentioned of ladies that there are more likely to decline the advances of guys who pursue them, while they run after guys who don't pursue them but make themselve attractive.

Money also obeys to the command of attraction, neediness for money only make it scarce.

2. Money Making Is a Game

A peep in the mindset of wealthy individuals, you'll discover that see making of money as a game to improve their skill. They don't see it as a necessity but rather a thing of fun.

That is why you see rich people lose a huge amount of money without taking it to heart, not that the money losing the money doesn't pain him.

It pains him, but he knows that it's a game, he's bound to lose sometimes, he understands that he only lose at that moment and his winning days are coming.

3. Money Is a Tool

Wealthy individuals understands the fact that money is a tool, not the goal. The know the goal as the freedom money can buy.

People who are financially illiterate fail to understand this, they think of money as the end result whereas it is not.

If you give two people of different mindset about money the same amount to spend as an experiment, you will discover that the with no financial education will settle for immediate enjoyment, while the other will use to money in a way that the money will work for him and multiply, he will only think of enjoyment when he knows he has the right system in place.

I hope you can spot the difference?

3. Acquiring Wealth Is a Personal Responsibility

When it comes to building wealthy, you should know that, no government, friend or family member is going to enrich you.

Even when they do, it won't last because you won't take as your responsibility to seat the elm of affairs regarding your finance.

Be it clearing debts, investing, saving for retirement or other financial issues, you must know that it is your so doing that will make things happen.

No one will want the best for you more than YOU

If you want the best life for yourself, it's out there. Go get it yourself.

5. Every Monies Should Have a Purpose

A major difference about the mindset of the Poor and Rich is that, the rich define every money, before evening landing in their domain.

It is wrong wait to have money before deciding how it will be used.

Money has a mind of it's own, if you wait for it for get to you before deciding how to use it, chances are you will use the way never intended - most times they are spend wastefully.

Knowing the purpose of every monies helps you manage it better.

6. The Fastest Way To Make Money Is By Taking Calculated Risk

Risk people take risk - calculated ones, even if it is all they have. Poor people on the other hands tend to hold on to every money they have, they dread risking their money in business.

The rich prefer starting a business to getting a job, while the poor prefer the opposite. The surest way to make money is to make real risk - not turn-2-to-4, or ponzi schemes.

Taking risk is essential when you want to make money.

7. Financial Education Is Different From Academic

I see a lot of people on this ladder, the rise in population and unemployment has exposed the lack of financial literary among many individual.

Normally one might have taught that being certified in an academic setup one would have the skill to manage his finance but unfortunately, most people perform woefully when it comes to finance. 

The rich recognize the fact that to learn about money, one has to look beyond the school gate. That is why many of they have their life figured out way before graduating.

Whereas others keep seeking job that are not in existence after several months or years of graduation.

To keep the wealth running in the family,wealth individuals give their offspring relevant financial knowledge starting from their young age.

8. No Barrier In Making Money

One of the prime money mentality you should keep wearing all about is the one that states that "there is no barrier in making money". Nothing is stop you from cashing out big.

You are never too young or old to make it, neither are you too smart or dull, man or woman - you can always make as much as you want.

Stop doubting you, when it comes to money, there is no reason it shouldn't be YOU.

Thanks for reading.

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