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Don't Be Afraid Of The New Credit Score System If You Aren't Among These Types Of Opera Creators

There is fear and tension in the land of the Opera creators as they are now faced with another strict measure introduced by Opera News Hub to help sanitize the hub and make it safe for both readers and writers alike. Since the credit score system announcement was made few days ago, so many Opera creators have been scared of having their works rejected for one reason or another. But they don't need to be if they are ready to follow the laid down rules. This is really going to be tough for almost all Opera creators as the journey is getting more interesting.

No cause for alarm if you aren't among these types of Opera creators and you are ready to follow the instructions given by the hub. Some creators are safe from the penalties that would come from breaking any of their publishing rules. These types of creators aren't safe with the new credit score system that was introduced by Opera News Hub..Check them out

1. Opera creators that are in the habit of using the word "see" in their contents when they don't have enough pictures to support the article.

2. Opera creators that are fond of using the picture of President Buhari when he has no business with the article.

3. Opera creators that have vowed to continue in the habit of using images of dead people, snakes and extremely graphic accident scenes. These writers are in love with the use of disgusting photos to prove a point nobody asked them to prove.

4. Opera creators that love the art of copying and pasting people's works on the hub.

5. Opera creators that are experts in lifting posts from various social media platforms verbatim without writing their own opinion on it.

6. Opera creators that have sworn to attack various people's religion, beliefs or religious groups.

7. Opera creators that love advertising goods and products on the hub without knowing that Opera News Hub is also a business that runs various ads for different products and businesses for a fee.

8. Opera creators that don't check for grammatical errors before hitting the submit button. They are always in a hurry to submit their articles without double checking for possible corrections.

Having read through this post, if you are among these creators, better desist from that cartel and turn a new leaf from today for your own good. But if you are free of all these above errors, just relax your mind and turn your writing career into a thriving one as you create and earn on the hub.

Content created and supplied by: Okechukwunwoke (via Opera News )

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