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N.Y.S.C:Thirty Three thousand Allowance A Good Gesture,But What Still Need To Be Done by The F.G.

Nigeria Youth Service Corps N.Y.S.C was first introduce in Ngeria in 1973 by 'Adebayo Adedeji Yakubu Gowan immediately after the end of the civil war.Immediately after the end of Biafran civil war,Nigerian then thought of employing the services of graduates to various sectors of the economy and then mandate it for every university or polytechnic for a year compulsory service.

The first person employed to control NYSC 'nationwide then with its headquarter in Abuja was 'Director General"Ahmadu Ali in 1975,and since then the NYSC has continued perpetually since then till today.But, very recently there has been some opinion and counter opinion as to whether to scrap the program or continue .

But before I move on to its merits and demerits;What exactly is the goal of government for introducing the NYSC programme yearly?

To inculcate in Nigerian youths ,the spirit of selfless service to the community and not only for this purpose alone but also to emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians.

Looking at NYSC since its inception,the following merits are derive from the program and they are highlighted below:

Exposure of core members to different life is number one,some core members have never left their place of origin before ,and with the introduction of this programme you have to change your state and local government and with this ,we have been able to exchange our culture and even way of life together .

In addition,Savings out of the allowance now is very possible compare to before when they were paying just #8500 or even below.But honestly,this depend on your income as economist said,consumption depends on income.The implications of savings at least #150,000 out of your total package of #396,000 is possible now,so that in the future after your one year,it could help you to start a small business of your own while searching for white kola job which may not be found in a country where there is low standard of living .

Furthermore,adaptation to different culture is another area where NYSC is great to the nation,Nigeria is a country with a different languages and dialets and with NYSC programme,we have been able to understand some different cultures and tradition of oneanother.

Moreover ,NYSC led to increase in demand for education,I remenber when we were young,we used to envy anybody that wore that uniform because ,till today it commands so much respect for whoever that wears it and this even led to increase in demand for education till today.

NYSC is a prerequisite to confidence of every youths who will want to work anywhere in the word.This is because within that one year ,you should have gain the followings,experience,skills,good attitudes among others.

To complete it,it would be good to look at the negative side of going for one year compulsory service and they are stated below ;

No matter the good things we gain from NYSC,the exposure of core members to different risks is number one demerits of it,example of these are;insurgency,Accident,curfew,Cultural activities like sacrifice in a community where you are very strange among others.

Another negative effect of NYSC is that,It affects success in worshipping most especially the muslim .I remenber in 2006 in Delta state when I could not find a mosque to observe Jumat service and this I am sure will happen to christian too where if you find yourself in a state where the muslims are highly concentrated.

It can also expose a student to danger of early pregnancy from core members that are posted to schools,many cases of these has happened, some will run away after impregnating the student and this has led many to have a child withough father .

what is now the way out for the government ?They are stated below;

Nigeria government should profer solution to accumulation of graduates yearly by empowering some with a reasonable amount of money to start a business which should not less than #500,000 for each person because of high cost of establishment to start a business

Furthermore,provision of job for them in various sectors of the economy like;Education,Agric,Ministries, ,Parastertas,agencies among others.

Not only that but also, they should also allow investor to come to Nigeria and invest their money,this will also create job opportunities for the youths.

We should set up more firms and industries,so that different career opportunities will open to all Nigerian graduates

Any willing individuals should also allow to site an industry here as this will surely boost our economy and it will lead to good standard of living for all Nigerians.

In conclusion,if we have been following me ,we would discover that,though NYSC is very good due to various aforementioned points above but yet Nigeria must not rely or belief that,with #33,000 monthly allowance,core members should be able to set up a business of his or her own at the end of the service year.

Content created and supplied by: Raufadekanmigberejaye (via Opera News )

Abuja Ahmadu Ali NYSC Ngeria Nigeria Youth Service Corps N.Y.S.C


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