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Npower: How to retrieve your bank verification number.

It is quite unlucky seeing your friends applying for government jobs like npower, you have the documents an everything it takes to get the jobs but as the course of bvn you are unable to finish your application, don't worry as this article will guide you on how to retrieve it back and use it.

When you remember people are mistakenly deceived of what bvn is, some will tell you they can use your bvn against you, some will say bvn is a secret pin, and a lots more. Yes bvn is nothing much rather a bank verification system to track any user of different kind of bank and to know which account the is actually having so this system will only check the account you have, as no one can empty your account with the bvn except we the person gets you card number, so my dear people let not be deceived by people saying, the reason why npower demand your bvn is for the verification purposes to check either you are the real owner of the bank an as well checking your documents that's why if there is any mismatch you get disqualified.

Therefore let's not be carried away with stories back to bvn retrieval so for to get the bvn number you need to choose an option.

Using your alert phone number.

Using the bank hot lines.

Or bank online customer care service.

If you are using your alert phone number, dail these codes *565*0# as the bvn number will pop up instant for you but with the charge of 20 naira.

If you are calling the bank hotline make sure u remember all your details you use during bvn registration as they will be ask you a lot of questions to ensure you are the real owner of the account before sending the bvn to you, it is not toll free number mind you.

If you are using the internet there you input some of your details which could be similar to the question asked on phone then there will issue your bvn to you.

Hope you find it useful.

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