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Here's how to start a mini importation business with just 10 thousand Naira

A lot of people get rich from importing items into the country and selling them to retailers. Many people want to start the business but they lament that the cost to start is too high. This may be true for a lot of materials, but if you have patience and you put in the effort, you can start your importation business with just N10,000.

Here's how I started a few months ago:

First of all, you have to think of an essential item and be sure you have a client list that are guaranteed to buy your goods when they land. For me, I chose phone accessories. I went to a phone plaza and asked sellers what they needed.

I made a list of these accessories and placed an order of phone accessories worth 6k on aliexpress. This is a really important part because you have to be sure of whether your supplier is trustworthy. The best way to make sure is to check if they have consistent good reviews from different people. You can also check if they have a phone number listed so you can talk to them directly.

Once you've placed your order, you'll have to pay for shipping. Shipping usually costs around 1k. But if you want fast delivery, you could be paying up to 4k. Your goods will arrive 2 weeks or less if you pay for fast shipping.

When they arrive, you sell them to the retailers who you previously discussed with. Rinse and repeat.

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