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Job Opportunities in Nigeria, But Age Limit Is Not Our Friend

In Nigeria there are job opportunities both in the public and private sectors right now. However, there is a major obstacle for millions of Nigerian graduates and professionals, this is the age limits fixed by the employers of labour. This particular problem of age has hindered the destiny of so many people as they are not directly or indirectly the cause of not having job early in their lives and also not everybody can be an entrepreneur. Below we are going to see some job adverts from the government and see the age limits fixed for each.

1. N-Power is a form of employment organised by the government, the age limit is between 18 and 35 years for aspirants.

2. Nigeria Police recruitment age limits are 28yrs old for cadet ASPs and 24 years old for cadet Inspectors. Post of Constable is 18 years old and above.

3. 774,000 Jobs, there no full details yet of the age requirement, so let's keep our fingers crossed and give it a shut.

4. DSS recruitment peg their age limits at 30 years below.

5. Nigeria Civil Service Commission recruitment age limits is between the ages of 20 and 25 for Officer and 18 to 22 for other ranks.

6. NNPC recruitment peg their age limit at 28 years below.

Just to mention but a few Job Opportunities with their age limits. There are job seekers whose ages are above the requirements of these Jobs, but can still contribute immensely their special skills for the development of the country. Even if their age is close to retirement, that opportunity should be given to them.

Many thanks to the Nigerian Senate, who are set to deliberate on this. We implore them to urgently remove age requirement for job opportunities concerning the government and also give order to the private sector to also do same. As this will give many people to take advantage of some of the job vacancies going on now.

What do you think about age limits in recruitment process in Nigeria. Has it done more arm or good in the society.

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