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See 4 Things This Corper Did To Buy Herself A Car

See Four (4) Things This Corper Did To Buy Herself A Car

After the recently concluded NYSC passing out parade that took place on Thursday 16th July 2020, the news of an ordinary corper, who bought herself a car to celebrate her NYSC graduation have been causing several reactions on social media.

In this piece, according to information gathered on her social media profile, I will be showing you how the ordinary corper made it possible during her year of service.

The 2019 NYSC Batch B Stream II passing out Corper, identified as Paschaline Bernard Ifeoma, out of exultant shared photos of her new car alongside her NYSC discharge certificate. 

See what the Facebook post read:

"See eh, in this my “CORPERship”, God didn’t let me suffer or beg for bread.. instead, I gave to many, put food on people’s table even during the pandemic!

"I only witnessed LIFTING UP where others saw a casting down. A lot of people asked, “YOU NA CORPER?”

"Yes oo, I be ordinary corper who didn’t have to sit around waiting for the governments miserable 19,800 allowance before its increase to 33k!"

Ifeom disclosed that, she didn't sit down waiting for federal government to pay her monthly allowance which was earlier N19,800 though have increased to N33,000.

However, you should be aware that even the accumulated NYSC allowance can't afford such exautic car. Regarding the economic state of the country even N33,000 isn't enough to feed for a month talk more of savings.

According to her statement, I understood that even before her name was

shortlisted for service, Ifeoma had already started adding value to her feature.

"I be ordinary corper who is a farmer, a film maker, a fish seller and an office admin! I’ve never seen a better yesterday."

Meanwhile, Ifeoma is a multi-business lady who earn her money in diverse way. Unlike other graduates (Nigerian Youths) that sit right in their comfort zone blaming the economic status of the country and the government for not providing jobs for them.

Via the same social media post, Ifeoma disclosed not less than 4 things that gives her money apart from the NYSC monthly allowance. Which describes as "miserable".

See the 4 things she does while serving her father land.

1. She is a farmer

According to information gathered from her Facebook profile, she farms Fish

2. She is a film maker.

She is an actress, and have featured in some movies such as "Perfect Match episode 2".

3. She is a Fish seller.

She sales fish both fresh and dry, which is what she known for "Fish seller"

4. She is an Office administrator.

She also owns a business "Passys Kitchen"

Among the above Ifeoma (the ordinary corper) was still collecting her monthly allowance from the federal government. All these above mentioned added together is how Ifeoma made it. What a testimony!

With experience I know that becoming a graduate is stage in students' live that is posed with many challenges and many questions to answer. Questions like;

How are mine going to survive if my guidance stop sending me money? (that's for those that have someone that periodically fund their account).

After graduation where are mine going to start?

How are mine going to stand on mine own and take other responsibilities?

Among these and many other, which can differ individually awaits new graduates.

Meanwhile, through hardworking Ifoma has overcome all these challenges. See what she said;

"Thank you God for always! NYSC Pass out is not a next phase for me cos I witnessed a NEXT PHASE in my life with each breaking day and witnessing God’s amazing grace in all that concerns me.

"This RED baby is a gift from ME to ME on my POP and she shall be called “PASSY-B”"

Meanwhile, she doesn't graduated with confusion unlike some graduates.

"Thank you Mama Maria Ude Nwachi for all the love, encouragement and patronage.

"Congratulations to all B2 Corp members. See y’all on top"

Afterwards, she congratulated herself and her fellow graduating corpers. Giving respect to Maria Ude Nwachi, (the former member representing Afikpo North-east constituency in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly), and the founder and moderator of a Facebook group "Igboist (By Maria Ude Nwachi)", for encouraging and supporting her.

Lessons to learn from the ordinary corper's testimony.

1. As a young person don't sit down and wait for your guidance to fund your account. Work things out for yourself.

2. Don't wait till you graduate, server and collect your discharge certificate before you start making plans for your future.

3. Don't depend on a single income stream. Engage yourself with legit businesses (there are many of them) and make your money.

4. Don't allow what you studied in school to be a hindrance to you. Sometimes that certificate, (qualification or whatever) may not be useful to you as a person.

However, don't forget that is not only when buy car is when you are making it. Have your priority.

And remember you can't start today and blow today. Meanwhile, it takes time to grow.

Thank you....

Content created and supplied by: Gooko (via Opera News )

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