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The Benefits of the Npower program to the youth. The federal government deserves praise

The federal government have been very active towards empowering the youth of the countries in order to create a good future for the youth of Nigeria. The Npower empowerment program was started few years ago and it have been able to create work exposure and skills acquisition for the youth who are partaking in the exercise. Here are how the introduction of the Npower program have been improving the economy and youth of the country.1) Skill Acquisition

The Npower empowerment program has been very active in providing the youth with different skills in order to give them an ability to develop their abilities. Various skills such as Construction,ICT skills, Graphic designs e.t.c were acquired from the program.

2) Empowering the Youth

The Npower program have been very effective in creating a means of employment opportunities to the youth. Funds have been given to the youth and this helps in creating a good standard of living for the youth that are unemployed in the country.

3) Creation of Business

The operation of the Npower program have been helpful to the youths as they are able to save money gotten from the Npower program to start up thier personal businesses. The creation of personal businesses will help to increase more work to the people and this will help improve the economy of the country.

We would be hoping the government can continue this program for a long time.

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