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Profitable businesses you can run as a student on campus (Check)

If you are an undergraduate or still an aspirant and you are looking for some businesses you can do to earn money on campus? Look no more because this article will show you all the students businesses you can do on campus while you still study.

Getting an extra source of income apart from the monthly pocket money that comes from home, is definitely a difficult thing for many students. But Here, I have various businesses you can do and earn Big on campus.

Note: For any business you choose to for, make sure you make research, ask questions and be one of the best in it.

Below are those businesses you can do to earn big while on campus:

BAKING: if you are skilled in Baking then this is your opportunity to earn. Lots of Birthday Parties go on everyday on campuses. Don’t wait for them to come to you and order for it. Once you hear someone’s about to have their birthday, visit and wish them a “Happy Birthday in Advance” then throw in “that you can make them a yummy cake just for a token”. Don’t be surprised, if you’re good they will announce you to their friends.

PHONE REPAIR: If you are good with Phone repair then let everyone know. Don’t ever keep quite with what you can Do. Anytime you introduce yourself to your friends, introduce your business too.

PHOTOCOPIES: Once new Materials are released in your Department, tell everyone that you can help them get their own copy. Charge them cheap, visit a photocopy center and tell them you will be getting work for them on daily basis and wish to have a commission for all the works you bring. You will be signed to it and money will start coming in.

HAIR DRESSING: Are you good in making hair, styling and fixing of weavons? Please start immediately and make it big from there.

BEADING: Here, you bead handbags, footwear, jewellery boxes, key holders and many other things for your friends.

BLOGGING: As a student, you probably loves a topic and knows a lot about the topic. You can create a blog (using blogger or wordpress) and start making money. Please note that at first you probably won’t earn a dime, but with consistency, you will receive huge pays later on.

GRAPHICS: if you can design fliers, handbills or other graphic works for individuals or companies, then you’re are good to go. In case you don’t know how to start, you can learn that now while we we are still in lockdown.

COMPILATION OF PAST QUESTIONS: Get past questions of any Level and course you want, compile them and start selling few weeks before exams.

USHERING SERVICES: If you are capable of sharing food, drinks and making sure that an event has a taste of service, then take this up; join an ushering group or create your own. Ushering agents work at birthday parties, orientation grounds, dinner nights, get-togethers parties.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Do you know you can also earn big with this if you have a good camera, start coming to lecture with it. Take pictures of people while in class, during rallies or any other activity.

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Content created and supplied by: Adewumi1992 (via Opera News )


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