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PICTURES: This Is What Nigerian Corpers Spend Their Monthly Allowance On

Nigeria Youth Service Corps is a scheme set up by the government on the 22nd of may 1973 after the civil war that bruise through the country from 1967 to 1970. The civil war that witnessed a lot of casualties occurred between the Nigerian government and the Republic of Biafra also known as the nation of the setting sun.

Many lives were lost and property destroyed but in 1970 the Biafra soldiers surrendered and the war was clearly stated as a 'no winner, no vanquished' war.

After the civil war the government in order to rehabilitate the environment, rebuild the nation and create ethnic unity set up a scheme that will allow graduate of Nigerian universities serve their country for a year.

During this service the Nigerian university graduates will be posted in a different Geo political zone different from where he grew up mainly as a way of getting to bring people into knowing and appreciating the beauty that lies in the cultures of other ethnic groups in the country

This scheme since inception have brought a lot of changes and provide a platform for the better understanding of Nigerian cultures and various diversifies.

Moving away from the history of NYSC, here are the things that takes all the money from Nigerian corpses after they receive their allowances from government

It all start with government paying the allowance of 33,000 naira. Corpers are happy and joyful and they look excited as bills upon bills continue to pile up long before they receive the money

Corpers are in a joyous mood as they receives different alert from government, place of work and other institutions they've worked with. You can see the smiles on their face

But bills have to be paid don't they? Out of the little they have been given, transport takes its own share, subscriptions and data also takes its own share not forgetting food which is a major and important need everyone need to attend to. Also accommodation and money for drinks are also embedded within

At the end of the day only a minute amount is left for them to survive on after all their bills have been paid. They start looking forward to the next month from the beginning of this month

Even the little money that remains is being collected from their hands via bank charges monthly

hence don't see corpers as being rich because of the 33,000 naira they collect because at the end of the day most of this money follow different expenses

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