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Six Reasons It Pays To Learn

There is, in fact, a robust, six point business case for learning. It has six connected elements. Interestingly, the case is the same for both organizations and individuals although, obviously, the language you might express it in would be different.

1. Performance: You can increase productivity and Improve quality through learning, becoming faster and better. This apply equally to the business and personal context.

2. Being better than your rivals: In an age where human capital is all important, learning may well be the only sustainable source of competitive advantage, just as in the last two centuries buildings and financial capital were critical.

3. Knowledge as one of the outcomes of learning: As US academic Warren Bennis put it; the major challenge for leaders on the twenty first century will be how to release the brain power of their organization. In practice, this involves understanding that many of the things individuals and organization know remain at a tacit.

4. Change: In the twentieth century there were predictable cycles of innovation lasting several years.

5. Learning is the key to successful cultural change: Too ofen, people are simply told to do something differently. However, if you engage people in a dialog about how to do things differently and let them learn new ways for themselves, they will become involved and cultures will change.

6. Learning is a great motivator: When employability is the key to people retaining their jobs, they naturally want to Improve theiy skills.

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