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Start Turkey Rearing Business Today And See The Massive Profit In It.

Turkey rearing is a very productive trade that one can start with beginning with small money and make huge gain. It is actually something that many neglect to, all you need is your interest and engagement in it. Turkey rearing is a huge initiative, because a day old chicks are for sale at about N1,500 or less for one, a mature male one might be sold for over N10,000-N30,000 depending on size, and the female one around N8,000-N10,000.

To start the business, you just need to purchase eggs of Turkey, they must be the productive ones, meaning that,i t must be fertilized by the male and female Turkey not just ordinary ones.

The eggs are normally sold within N250-N300 each, then you get a local hen that has started placing eggs, after laying the eggs, you change it and put those Turkey ones. You must be cautious while changing the eggs so this hen won't find it that something happens to her egg.

Normally, Brooding period for hen la as ts for 21day, but For Turkey it is 28days. This hen will breed the Turkey eggs on the last day of the Brooding which is on the 28th day, As soon as the hen has hatched, you separate all the young Turkeys from the local he and keep them else where for good management.

While beginning, know that young Turkeys are not able to feed on their own, they really need coaching, just buy a day old chicks and mix them with the Turkey, after that purchase starter feed for them, then the chick will coach them on how to eat, About two weeks later, they are already eating by themselves.

Do this same thing as many times as you desire, Currently, a 4weeks old Turkey costs N2,500, calculate when the hen will hatch 10-15 eggs for you, you will have over N25,000. It is left for to now calculate the type of gain you have in just something you start with roughly N3000.

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