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How Much Do You Know About Aliko Dangote? Meet The Children Of The African Richest Man

It is often said that those whose father are wealthy and known in the country are also in the line of being popular and also known as well.But the case of the African richest man,Aliko Dangote is quite different from that ideology as he always try to keep all the affairs of his family secret and off from the public.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote who we all know as the African richest man was born on the 10th of April,1957 into a muslim family in Kano state.His journey toward his greatness started from the scratch,even though his parents were wealthy,but he ventured into trading business just to get the knowledge and build his own wealth and not to depend on his parents.

He began his company "Dangote Group" as a small trading firm in Kano state,but he felt that starting up a company in Kano state wasn't going to favour him,so he relocated to Lagos state where the company was expanded and today,Dangote's company is one of the largest industries in Nigeria.Its industrial activities is being operated in different countries in Africa which includes Nigeria,Ghana,Zambia and some other countries as the company is known with the production of cement,salt,sugar,flour and many other things.

According to Wikipedia,Dangote married several women who gave birth to 15 children in total,but only few of his children are made to be known as Dangote seems not to have interest in disclosing his marital status to the public.Even though some of his children are known,but they keep low profile to the public as they join their father in being secretive about themselves and their family.

The four Dangote's children we have been able to discover their names among all his children are Mariya Dangote,Halima Dangote,Fatima Dangote and his only son,Abdulrahman Fasasi.

Abdulrahman Fasasi is not actually the biological son of the African richest man,he was adopted and this must be the reason he doesn't have "Dangote" attached to his name as his surname.

Unlike other wealthy people whose children are always known publicly,but Dangote's children stick to their father's unique character as they are always busy and occupied with their work and they are are hardly seen in public places.Most of them are now married to their husband and even have their own kids and some are still working in their father's company despite they have been married.

At the moment,both the marital status of Aliko Dangote's son,his educational status,his assets and his role in Dangote's company are yet to be known as Dangote and his family try as much as possible to keep their private life away from the public.

Well,as we all can see,age is no longer on the side of the African richest man as he is now getting down in age,but who will be the heir to all his assets and his wealth?, well I think it is left for the African richest man to decide whom to channel his wealth and his company to.

Now take a good look at Dangote and his children.

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