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9 Easy And Practical Habits Of The Rich You Should Emulate To Be Successful

Life dosent give you what you want, it gives you what you deserve so no greatness comes in life without a price been paid. To be wealthy and successful, you must be ready to make the sacrifice and that is what most people don't know.

Those who always try to follow the shortcut to succes always get stranded on the way. Take a look at people like Hushpupi who was just caught in money laundring recently, others like Anini,Evans and many others.

If you want to be rich, you must be ready to follow and emulate the rich also. That others have done it is a prove that you can do it also.

Below are some habits of the rich you should try to attract success into your life.

1. Good network

Always surround yourself with likeminded and ambitious people if you want to be successful. Steve Jobs (the late co founder of apple) said, " i bring out the ideas and let intelligent people do the work" . Successful people always build a network of intelligent and like minded people around them so if you want to be successful, check people you associate with and your network.

2. Be an early riser

This is another habit of the rich you should emulate to be successful. Research jas shown that 60% of successful people and even C.E.Os are early risers.Tim Cook ( C.E.O of apple ) wakes up at 3:45 am, Jack Dorsey (co founder and C.E.O of twitter) wakes up at 5:30 am, Richard Branson ( founder and C.E.O of virgen group) wakes up at 5:30am and many others. When you wake up early, you will have the time to meditate and begin your activities for the day. You cannot sleep 9 hours a night, keep sleeping during the day and expect riches to come.Emulate this habit and your life will change.

3. Read to learn

Readers are leaders. Warren Buffet ( of the greatest investors to ever live) once said the more you learn, the more you earn.successful people are lifelong learners. Elon Musk ( cofounder of paypal, neural link, solar city,boring company, C.E O of space X, tesla ) surprised by the achivements ? He said he got all his knowledge and learnt how to builed rocket by reading. Bill Gates read an estimate of 50 books a year. If you want to be siccessful, the simple fact is read more.

4. Make a list

Have short and long term goal. Goals give your life direction and focus. Always have daily, weekly, and monthly goal. Mark Zuckerberg, the cofounder and C.E.O of face book always begins every year with some specific goals to increase internet connectivity all through the globe. Always make a list of what to acheive and work torwards them if you want to be successful.

5. Get of the couch

stand up from that chair and stop spending all of your time watching television, playing games, chatting on social media. Even Bill Gates, The late Steve Jobs never gave their children access to phone from a very young age. So get up and work, treat technology like a slave and not a master if you want to be successful. 

6. Treat time as a precious resources

Time is one of the greatest asset you will ever have in your life. If you spend this time doing great things that is going to enrich you, you will not possibly lose. In life, time is always playing against us and a second gone cannot be recovered. Stop wasting your time on social media, playing games, watching videos and use it to enrich yourself and dreams. This is something successful people know that you don't know.

7. Take intentional risk

Mark Zuckerberg will say " it is a risk not to take any risk" life itself is a risk. Don' t always play it safe when it comes to things of life, success and money. Take calculated risk with back up. Warren Buffet became a billionaire by investing at the right place at the right time.

Step out of your comfort zone, take calculated risk and live a successful life.

8. Work smart not hard

Yes hard work is needed but there are times you need to work smartly. Take time and recharge your health, bost your creativity with certain routines, surround yourself with successful people and bring out ideas let them do the work. This are ways of working smart. The late Steve Jobs once said " good artist copy, great artist steals" understand this phrase very well and you will discover successful people are not the best but there know how to work smartly.

9. Invest in your health

Health is wealth and it is one of the vital things that must be in order to be successful. Take good care of yourself. Eat good food, excersise daily, practice meditation to improve your health. Most successful people are either vegetarian or fruitarian. If you don't eat food as your medicine, you will begin to eat medicine as your food.

Take action now, follow this tips build yourself and live a successful life.

Thanks for reading. Make your contribution below and share for others to see.

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