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Savers are Losers –See why you Should Not Save

Savers are Losers –See why you Should Not Save

You are become poorer when you save in the bank or any where else

We grow up in a society where we are told that in order to be wealthy we must work hard, spend less and save more. It was true, not until money (dollar, pound, euro, naira) started losing value.

 Robert Kiyosaki says “savers are losers.” What he means is that “They literally lose money every month by keeping it in the bank”

What he means is ‘A dollar saved is NOT a dollar earned’ based upon rapidly changing financial landscape and his experience of handling multi-million dollars. Money must mint money from all the available and doable opportunities rather than solely depending on the bank’s interest.

So, if someone just saves and doesn’t invest [fear of loss], over a period, the saved liquidity may appear to have grown hypnotically. However, in reality, it would have shrunk when compared with other evolving economical parameters.

Make informed decisions to invest - but do invest!

For instance:

 You are getting 1 percent yield in a savings or money market account. But inflation is running over 2 percent. So, by having your money in the bank, you are effectively losing money every month. So why are you keeping your money in the bank again? Well, that’s why Robert Kiyosaki says “savers are losers.” They literally lose money every month keeping it in the bank

My point of view is savers don’t utilize their money to the maximum opportunity chance to get growing rather; they just keep it safe in bank account which allows inflation, the real enemy, to eat it off.

Savers can move from traditional way of keeping money and start investing.

Bottom line is money must increase yearly just like a tress does.

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