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Learn From Sam Onyishi The CEO Of Peace Mass Transit, How he started.

Read about Sam Onyishi, a Nigerian entrepreneur who started with nothing but today he is a multi-billionaire. He is the founder and CEO of Peace Mass Transit limited, the largest transport company in Nigeria.

Sam Onyishi is from Nsukka in Enugu State. He came from a poor family, his life story is very pathetic, yet he didn't give up his father died at his tender age, meanwhile he's the first child out of seven. He had his primary and secondary education at Nsukka but couldn't continue because of the death of his father.

Sam, tried many businesses but all to no avail. He went into motor parts unfortunately he didn't have enough capital to start up his own. That's how he continued struggling to survive in life.

Sam said he wanted to be a lawyer but due to the sudden death of his father he couldn't pursue his futher education. He noted that he graduated from secondary school in 1981.

Despite all life challenges he encountered he went into motor spare parts from the part of money his mother gave him. He learned if for 24 days there after he proceeded and opened his own shop.

He saved up money from his spare parts business and went back to continue his University in 1995, still in school he saved up to 260,000 naira from his spare parts business and bought two cars. He gave out one on a hire purchase and the other he drove it and managed it meticulously.

Still a student he ensured he met his financial needs and much more. Upon graduating in1999 he had already expanded his transport business to 45 buses. That was the beginning of his success and happiness In life.

Today peace mass has over 3,000 active buses and has its route to all the corner of three country. Indeed he merited his glory. Today he is very much happy with his wife and children.

What should you learn from his story?

No matter what you are experiencing in life, make sure you don't drop your hope and faith. Stand firm and absorb all sufferings because one day it will end, believe it you shall make it.

Don't wait for anyone to get you job, instead creat job for others. If you're the creative type develope it and you will be surprised what it will yield.

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