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3 things you should never do as a young hustler

The art of hustling is undisputably making a headway nowadays especially in Nigeria, considering the fact that the Government isn't helping matters, so one just has to look for an alternative in order to make ends meet.

Hustling is good, it's profitable, it's a souce of livelihood, and above all, it brings happiness especially when you get paid for the work you do. At thesame time, it's not very easy to do, a real hustler has to possess some virtues such as determination, courage and he has to be hardworking before he/she can become successful. Below are three things you should avoid as a young hustler.

1. NEVER INVEST IN ANY MONEY DOUBLING/INVESTMENT SCHEME: Starting up as a young hustler, I thought investing my hard earned money will pave way for me to do greater exploits, but sadly all my expectations were thrown to the mud. My money was gone, and I was left with nothing but sadness and sorrow. Money doubling or investment schemes are managed and operated by hustlers like you and me, they live by scamming people of their bucks. No matter how realistic they may appear to be, pls run from them.

2. RUN FROM DIRTY JOBS: Making money through dishonest means is one of the reigning hustles nowadays, all you have to do is to make sure you win the heart of your client, convince them to send money to you, then you flee. This and other methods are used to make money fast. Don't go for them, choose to run clean deals such as: freelancing, blogging, website designing, graphic designing, etc. These jobs will surely pay you though it may take time depending on your dedication and commitment.

3. :NEVER GIVE UP: Hustlingis actually not easy as I said at the beginning of this article, you have to dedicate yourself, your time, your energy and possibly your resources. Giving up is never an option for you no matter how the challenges seem to be, there's always hope for the living. Go out of your way to make sure what you're doing is right and I assure you, the sky will be your peak.

Above all, always pray to your God for success, try your best to live a just life and nothing will hunder you from making it in this life. I'll like to hear your point of view concerning the article. Your questions are also welcome.

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