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Things Successful People Don't Do. (Fiction)

James And Mary graduated as an Accounting student in University of Lagos, They were both class mates and following Five years of Studying hard, the two of them graduated. After graduation, Fate took them through various ways of life. Mary after much dissatisfaction of making sure about an occupation, secure a Secretary in an Insurance firm acquiring 60,000 Naira month to month. 

In the mean time, James then again, Couldn't Secure a Job and ended up a Taxi Driver, He makes At least 6,000 day by day and on the off chance that he works for just 20 days in a month, He makes over 100,000 Naira per month. 

One Evening, Mary closed from work and was at the bus station sitting tight for taxi when James coincidentally Stopped for her, She jumped in, when she found the taxi was going her direction however much to her dismay it was James, all through the ride, she was lost in her Phone. 

When Mary board off in her quest to pay for her cab fee see noticed it was James she exclaimed goodness! They were both glad to see each other after a long while. Long time no see, Is this you? the two of them inquired as to whether they arranged it. Mary gave him cash however James demanded she keep it. He was glad to see her and for bygone era purpose, he left the cash for her in any event, when she demanded that she needed to pay. The two of them traded contact and left. 

All things considered, Mary returned home that night and was out to lunch. Not as if James was looking awful yet driving Taxi? She was unable to fold her head over it. She Pitied him. Felt frustrated about him. On the off chance that James had permitted her she would have paid him and beseech him to keep the change and probably render more financial aids. 

Unknown to Mary that, James really has another Taxi running for him, He is a Landlord as of now but since he was driving a Taxi, She had Sympathy for him. 

Then again, James at the other end felt frustrated about himself as well. Before he dozed that night, he recalled how Neatly Mary was dressed and Nice she Smells, "She should procure more than 400,000 Naira as salary every month, he said to himself. He felt Ashamed, He felt like a disappointment and he felt Mary was route in front of him monetarily and something else. Much to his dismay that, If Mary Removes her Transportation cost and feeding cost at work from her month to month Salary, it will take her in any event 3 Months to win what he gains in a month. 

Tragically, this is a portion of our Reality, you measure your advancement and Success with that of your companions, Classmates, neighbors and Relatives even with extremely restricted data you have about them. You think yours is more regrettable on the grounds that you look Dirtier, you think yours is more terrible on the grounds that you are not on Cooperate wears, you think yours is more awful in light of the fact that the other individual acts and looks Nicer. 

If you want to be great in life, stop competing or comparing your self with people, be focused and Face your life.

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