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Do not give your time to these people

Fraudulent is all over everywhere, the act is getting worsening everyday. Fraudster operates both in local and international.

They're everywhere. Lot of methods which fraudster can takes to enter into anybody life; once a person gives the chance to them. Know that these people are not working with ordinary hands but with charms and back up of different kinds.

To get trapped by fraudster, is very easy, but a person should all time becareful; in any business which is not a visible one.

Ways fraudster normally operate:

1. By emails: throws of many emails from unknown sources, which the emails normally talks about transferring of property, from a foreign side to such a person that received the mail. If care is not taken, anybody that received such mails and did replied to it; their trapped already caught up the person. Because, once the mails being replied, the next steps for them is to start charming the person, and everything they'll be telling the person will be of truth and beliefs to the ears of such person; till they'll take what they want. They have no pity for anyone.

By claims of winning a certain prizes or lottery ; which can pop up, on any website they've generated in attachment to the common website. This always works out on website with redirecting system, of getting to the fake site or blogs which these fraudster has created. Once a person can be stupid, and be deceived by this; eventually the person already falls a victim to them. They'll start pressing their button, in the head of the fellow by requesting for some certain amount of money; in order for the person to claimed the money.

Some fraudster can act as herbs seller on street: these people works in group, all days with charms, to hit their clients. They are out with fake herbs product, which they will use to run after rich people driving, by on the road in lines to get their aims. They have no time to waste; once anyone can stop by, for them and ask of their products. Immediately they'll change the topic for the person. They possessed kind of charms called "do as I say" which they'll use to talk with such person, in their control, anything they tell the person it would be done without the person know what is into or doing.

Lots of ways fraudster operates, but be vigilant and know the type of people you get yourself with, while doing business/ trade.

And do not allowed, anything to tricks you online or in person.

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