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"Thank God If You Are Poor"_ Below, Are Bad Things Rich Men Usually Experience.

Whenever a poor man see an exotic vehicle pass through his dusty street, he feels melted within him, he would stare for minutes praying in his heart for God to make him a "Big man" one day.

Every man's dream is to become financially independent with aims to control companies, to be escorted with fleet of cars, they want to be heavily guarded with energetic bouncers just to feel safe. But little did they know that "you can't eat your cake and have it".

It is very better for you to sit silent in your room and drink your Garri with peace of mind, rather that consume full Chicken only to vomit it when a hint of bad news about your business comes.

A poor man will always walk freely from street to street without fear of being abducted, but a big man would not. The fact is rich men are more exposed to dangers even with all of the money and property they possess.

Even when they have robust cheeks, fine facial hairs and glowing bodies, their internal organs is exposed to too much risk.

For example take a look at situations they pass through right below...

. A big man would have to check his Blood Pressure (BP) from time to time to avoid High blood pressure.

. Wealthy men are not privileged to eat any kind of food, for health related issues.

. They are always at risk of kidnappers and assassins.

. They are likely to have heart attack, due to complexities of the business they run.

. A big man would never have qualitative sleep, for they work all round the clock to keep their business moving.

. Rich men's daughters, wives and relatives get kidnapped mostly for ransom.

. They can't speak anyhow, for it would go viral and might be used against them.

. They are likely to get poisoned, by wives if they have a polygamous family for the sake of their properties.

. Rich men are not always loved by the society.

. It easy to get to the top, but hard to maintain the top for them.

So if you are poor, thanks to God, for you are a free man.

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