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No Matter What Life Throws At You You Will Succeed

Handle your rejections as part of your training for better opportunities. There are great people in the world today that sees opportunities in every rejection they went through in life. Let's talk about few of them.

Michael Jordan at 15 years old was rejected from his high school's basketball team. He was even laughed at and nicknamed, 'peanut' because of the shape of his head. Today, as far as the history of basketball is concerned, His name tops the list.

Mark Zuckerberg was viewed as a 'social outcast' in Harvard. He didn't seem to fit into the regular lifestyle of others that were 'happening' then. Today, the story 

is different. In case you think your condition is very bad, remember that billionaire, Anthony Robbins used to be a janitor in a hotel.

In case you think you are too old, Colonel Harland Sanders started KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) at 65 years of age. Today, KFC is the largest chicken business in the world with 18,750 franchises in 119 countries including Nigeria. Today, they make billions of dollars in China alone. 

You may not know this but Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world today had to sell little things, wash cars and do small odd jobs as a teenager just to pay his way through college. He was rejected from Harvard Business School. He didn't qualify but today, He is worth billions U.S dollars.

I can go on and on.Today people may judge you as 'unqualified', 'irrelevant' and so on.They will say you don't belong to their class.

Remember, that is today. Nobody knows your tomorrow. It is not always the fellow with first class in school that is given first place in top organizations. 

Never give attention to those laughing at you.By the way, you likely may not have heard over 85% of what has been negatively said about you.

When you are getting better, they will say you are proud. When things are tough, they will say, you are a failure.

Don't compete, don't try to prove any point. It is of no use trying to fight with your past. Sometimes the less distracted you are by not belonging to today's reigning class, the better for you.

whenever you feel like giving up, remember that there are people waiting to celebrate your downfall. They will say, 'i knew he/she will not amount to anything'.

So i don't know what your case is right now. There is always hope for the fellow that is optimistic.

Hustle...become good in something till you become an authority. Even when you become successful in that thing, aim higher till someday, the whole world can know your name.

Also make sure that you are not among those pulling others down. That person you are looking down on today, can become someone you may have to look up to tomorrow.

Remember, i value you and see great potential in you. So stop beating up yourself because others don't see what God is molding within you. Keep the hustle alive. Someday it will pay off big time.

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