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Why spend money buying when you can make your own hand sanitizer with these steps?

One of worst aftermaths of the pandemic is the hike in prices and non availability of essential items.

About five or six years ago, there was practically no need for hand sanitizers. Today one hand sanitizer can sell for as much as between 800 naira to 2000 naira. That is assuming you are even lucky.

Be this as it may, survival is one of the most distinctive things about our species. Survival therefore has driven people to doing things they would rather not do normally to either save cost or get it in abundance.

This article aims at making you one of such people who instead of buying can comfortably make yours at home.

Please note that the steps might not be as easy as they may appear but you can it get better with practice. Moreso because it isn't company made and you might add too much or too little of ingredients, DO NOT ON ANY OCCASION ALLOW KIDS TO USE YOUR HOME MADE HAND SANITIZERS. THIS IS TO AVOID BURNS AND OTHER SKIN REACTIONS. AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT UNTIL YOU'RE SURE YOU ARE BETTER AT IT. UNTIL THEN, PRACTICE WITH LITTLE QUANTITIES AND STICK TO THE OLD TIME HAND WASHING WITH SOAP AND CLEAN WATER FOR AT LEAST 20 SECONDS.

Now let's get down to it. Whatever you do make sure your ingredients include 60% alcohol. That is the main thing. PLEASE ALCOHOL NOT METHANOL (METHANOL IS DANGEROUS IN THAT AMOUNT). ALCOHOL OR ETHANOL. BUT NEVER METHANOL OR WORSE BUTANOL.


2 parts isopropyl alcohol or ethanol

I part of aloe vera

A few drops of clove, eucalyptus, peppermint or other essential oils (like lemon, grapefruit etc) This third ingredient is optional. 8-10 drops will be added in your mixing.

Vitamin E oil(optional too).

Clean dry mixing bowl

Empty container

Clean dry mixing spoon or whisk.


Don't dilute the alcohol you bought (Remember to mix alcohol and aloe vera in a 2:1 ratio. That is, of you put let's say 20 tablespoon full of alcohol, then aloe vera should be 10 table spoon full. Essentially aloe vera should be half the quantity of your alcohol).

Ensure your hands are properly washed.

Pour all your ingredients(alcohol and aloe vera first) in a mixing bowl then mix using a very clean spoon or a whisk until they are thoroughly blended.

Do not touch until it is ready for use. Remember you are trying to make something that can kill germs or bacteria, introducing more bacteria through dirt on your hands or surroundings will ruin it.

Finally package in a container or bottle and seal it. Your sanitizer is ready for use.

Thank you.

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