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Opinion: Why Do Rich People Keep Getting Richer

If for any reason you have been led to believe that there is a magical formula or that there is someone out there with the secrets to making you rich, sorry to open your eyes you have been mislead.

What I will be discusing here is why do these rich men keep increasing their wealth on a yearly basis, or a daily basis or even an hourly basis.

Jeff Bezo's, Dangote, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg all these Men have one thing in common, they are entrepreneurs who on a daily basis increase their net worth.

Here is what I think they all do to maintain a steady rise.

1. They Invest

Money well invested has the potential of multiplying in multiple folds, these wealthy men always look for various businesses or opportunities to invest their money.

For example Dangote Africa's richest man has over the years expanded his businesses to not only include cement production.

2. They take that extra risk

Taking risks is part of the process to getting Richer, been overtly cautious tends to hinder you from doing the needful, like investing in a new business with potential to succeed.

3. A Ready Investment Capital

Investing requires capital, and one edge that these rich men have over the poor and average is that they always have that money to spend on invrsting.

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