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See what this man did to his female worker that insulted him, which got people reacting positively

See what this man did to his female worker that insulted him, which got people reacting

The more I see the sun rise the more I see different kind of people. Every individual differs. Even identical twins have different personalities. Most of the stories we often hear about business owners way of treating their staff are always bad stories. Only few of the ogas treat their workers well. And one of those people that treat their staffs well is Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah.

Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah Chairman of Chinmark group did something that is possible but rare. One of his staff a lady insulted him on social media. She sent a direct message to him insulting him three years ago. This same lady applied for work in his company and she was hired. 

Unknown to her, the man who she insulted owned the company. And he was aware that she was hired in his company but he remained quiet not until he asked all his staffs to message him on facebook so that they can all be friends on facebook. When the lady heard the message the man sent to all his staff, she thought to herself that if she send the man a message, he will see their old chat and also the insult. Due to the fear of not getting sack, she went to the man's office to see him an apologise before sending the message. 

Surprising to her, the man told her that he knew who she was before she started working in his company. The man told her that he will not sack her, she should put in her best effort and enjoy the system. 

The man did a great thing. Many men will try to mess the lady up. But he let the incident to die off. That is maturity and good leadership quality

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