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Fuel Price is making life hard for us. See the new Fuel price in Otukpo.

I was walking down the street this morning wondering why Okadas were not responding to my call. But little did I know that the fuel price that rose from 150 Naira to 175 Naira has prompt them to increase the dropping price from 50 Naira to 100 Naira no matter how short is the distance.

The Okada men were not ready to compromise their determination. I called one and was trying to bargain to beat it down to the normal price of 50 Naira but all effort proved abortive.

I asked one of them and he said it is because of the increase in fuel price and the bike parts in the market.

Where are we going? There is no money and a lot are increasing.

I tried to blame the bike men but I had a rethink that it's not their fault. The exorbitant cost of transportation now is as a result of the cutthroat increase in price of fuel.

The Okada price now is contending with the daily earning of most Nigerians particularly the people in Otukpo. And the funniest thing is that, they must use bike to move from one place to the other in order to carry out their daily activities.

And one thing with price increment in Nigeria is that, it hardly goes back to normal when the main trigger is normalized.

If fuel price becomes 100 Naira today, it will be difficult to bring down the increased cost of Okada. That is where gets me concerned the most. But it will be addressed.

The people are suffering, are we going to give all the money we should use for food to Okada? We call on the Government to do something fast.

If this continues, it will way us down. And everything leading to poor standard of living.

Share this until it gets to the authorities. You and I are the government therefore, share to others.

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