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Exiting Beneficiaries Of Npower Health And Tech Should Not Be Considered For GEEP Loan (Opinion).

Earlier in the month of June, the federal government of Nigeria unveiled their plan of disengaging the N-power beneficiaries of both batch A and B. The action according to them was deliberate, to create a conducive environment and a less costing opportunity for other citizens of the country who are yet to benefit from the Npower programme.

Npower is a Federal government job creation program, it was initiated and have be in existence since the beginning of President Muhammed Buhari's administration. the batch A and B were the initial batches to be recruited by the agency of the federal government. The beneficiaries in batch A and batch B are thousands in number. 

The federal government in view of their plan to disengage the early beneficiaries of the Npower scheme, they announced the availability of loan to be given to all interested disengaged beneficiaries of the Npower.

In other not to return thousands of initially employed youths back to a jobless state of living, the government is considering given out the GEEP loan to all the batches to be disengage in due. The loan is to allow them have something doing as they got relieved from the Npower job.

GEEP is government enterprise empowerment programme. It is a micro credit for citizens, an initiative from the Federal Government of Nigeria. The loan is to provide access to micro credit for Nigerians at the down of the economic pyramid. GEEP focus on creating capital to beneficiaries in a very viable way to enhance their business.

The GEEP loan is to be given to all beneficiaries from all the different categories of the Npower programme, Npower categories include the N-agro, N-health, N-build, N-tech and others.

My Opinion:

While the GEEP loan may benefits beneficiaries from some Npower categories, here is to opine that Npower health and Npower tech do not really need this loan and shouldn't be considered for the GEEP loan.

What the past Npower health and tech beneficiaries need at the moment is permanent job to crown all the knowledge they have acquired during their years in Npower service.

Disengaged beneficiaries in health and tech categories should be offered a more permanent job as they got disengaged from the Npower job. I see it not a wise decision if they are offered a loan that they will still repay, what business can someone with idea on health and tech related areas set ?

In my other opinion, only N-agro and probably N-build disengaged beneficiaries should be considered for the GEEP loan because they can set up a business with their skill in the field. Disengaged beneficiaries in health and tech categories shouldn't be in the thought of giving a loan, they should rather be offered a permanent job if the government so wishes to compensate their service in the Npower programme.

Thanks for reading,

What do you have to say about the loan federal government is planning to offered to all Npower disengaged beneficiaries?

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