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Check out the world's quietest room and its location

Silence is worth more than jewels,some people would say. Where there is silence there is peace of mind,people quickly remember past events easily in a quiet place,in the other hand some people hate silence,such people are called;"noise makers."

The primary goal for those who built the quietest room in the World was because of its quietness,they really achieve this goal.

The quietest room in the World is located at Microsoft's Headquarters in Redmond, Washington,the lab room measures a background noise of -20.35 dBA,which is 20 decibels below the threshold of human hearing and breaks previous record for spaces that were deemed the planet's quietest places,according to CNN.

A scientist who went there said "As soon as one enters the room,one immediately feels a strange and unique sensation,which is hard to describe."Hundrai Gopal.

With all this many people now,will love to visit the most quiet room in the World. It would really be a place to visit during holidays. Hope the article was entertaining? Don't forget to like, comment and share. Want to be seeing more of this,? Then follow me

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