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"How And Why I Raised 200 Millionaires" - Sunday Adelaja Reveals On Facebook

Sunday Adelaja is the founder and senior pastor of The Embassy of God in Kyiv, Ukraine. He took to his verified Facebook page to reveal how and why he raised 200 Millionaires.


Here I was again rushing to God in prayers to increase our income to 10,000 US dollars. I was sure that if we could earn 10,000 US dollars we would never be in need again. Well, you can guess what happened. My rude awakening happened when we were already making 20,000 US dollars and yet not meeting our needs. 

God’s conviction was so strong that I had no option but to break down in sorrow and repentance. The stroke that broke the camel’s back came when I asked the Lord, I know I am not lazy by any standard, but you spoke of that man as being lazy. 

At that point I was working for 18 hours a day. How can I be working for 18 hours and still be called lazy? Again the lord came to my rescue, He said by being lazy here, He is talking about my refusal to think, laziness of the mind in relations to money. He said the laws and the principles of managing money are out there; I should not have been lazy to go in search of them and my failure to develop myself in the question of finances is also a form of laziness. 

The fact that I did not bother to study financial matters or even go for financial consultations, all pointed in the direction of this laziness – mental laziness. I thought I had an excuse, my argument was I am a pastor, I want to face my business, beside I have never heard any pastor preach or teach on this. 

To which the Lord told me, that is not an excuse and I am answerable to only Him. He has all forms of knowledge out there for anyone that is diligent enough to ask, seek and knock. 

This revelation changed my life for good. Right from there, I called the board of our church and I declared to them that we are going to cut a lot of our expenses with a significant part of our income going to savings and eventually into investments. That was another huddle I needed to surmount, because my board said, we are a church, and we don’t do investment, we only spend, we don’t invest or multiply. 

To cut the long story short, I was able to get the church to start by putting aside the first ten percent of all that came in for savings and investments. We gradually moved from there to thirty percent of all that came in for savings and investments. As a result, I was able to make our church a millionaire church in one year, that is in surplus. 

After attaining this with the church, I dared to challenge myself to make my first million US dollars in the next two years. I studied all I could on the subject. With my experience from helping the church make money, I was surprised when after 9 months I was able to make my first million US dollars instead of 2 years. 

Next in my target, I decided to prove the efficacy of these principles by helping my church members become millionaires. I started with ordinary people and by the grace of God in the next three years, I was able to raise 200 Millionaires in US dollars from within our congregation. Yes, the die has been cast. The Lord was right after all. I had learnt my lessons. No more going back!!! 

Ladies and gentlemen, what I’m I trying to tell you – why am I taking my time to go into all these details? I simply want to help you to understand that if we could open the eyes of our people in Africa and other developing countries to know the laws of money, then we can indeed help our continent. 

I am convinced that giving out food or money will not last for long, but if we will change the approach to money in our people, we will have empowered them to be forever free. Ignorance indeed is the only killer around. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6. 

It is what we don’t know that is killing us. Because of ignorance, most people waste money, others spend money, while only a few invest money. Looking back, I can actually see now that even in my 40 hut village of Idomila, with the abject poverty around, I could have had enough, if only I had known these laws of money. 

Nobody could have been living in the type of poverty that I grew up in if only we had been educated in the rudiments of the laws of money. It is therefore my belief that the true key to financial liberty for our continent and the world at large is to bring the knowledge of the laws of money to become a common subject in schools, governments, institutions, community centers, cultural centers, churches, mosques, etc. 

If we could teach our people not just to know this laws, but to religiously observe them, we would have dealt a heavy blow to the dragon of poverty in our world. 

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