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How To Generate Millions Of Naira From Marketing 'Garri' (Casava Flake) For Just one month

Cassava Flakes Yellow <a class=Garri in Ibeju - Meals & Drinks, Favour Food ..."/>When people tell you they want to start selling garri, you tend to look at them like they do not know what they are doing, what you do not know is that Marketing 'Garri' is a very lucrative business that can generate millions of Naira if started with a good capital. West Africa Garri is the powdery food material flour made from the tuberous roots of the cassava plant, which in the process of its manufacture is changed into dry edible granules.

In this article i am going to teach you how to generate millions of naira from processing and marketing garri in months. The taste of garri can range from bland to acidic sour depending on the level of fermentation. The level of fermentation is basically how long a bag of cassava mash is left to sit out on an elevated rack. The longer the days, the less toxic and more sour the resulting garri becomes.

Garri processing business is very lucrative, irrespective of the scale you are starting from you will make it big time. Advancement in technology has brought about increase in Garri production through the use of machines. You can package your garri the same way yam flour is packaged and supply to supermarkets.

To make garri flour, cassava tubers are peeled, washed and grated or crushed to produce a mash. The mash can be mixed with palm oil and placed in a porous bag, which is then placed in an adjustable press machine for 1–3 hours to remove excess water. Garri,a product gotten from the processing of cassava tubers is a very important staple food item in Nigeria. It is one of the food items that defy socio-economic class, religious and ethnic boundaries, It is doubtful if it is not eaten daily in one of every two homes in the country.

The annual national demand for garri is estimated at 1,000,000 tonnes while the national supply estimate is about 250,000. The Standards Organization of Nigeria classifies gari into: Extra Fine Grain Gari - where more than 80% of the grain passes through a sieve of less than 350-micrometre aperture. Fine Grain Gari - More than 80 % of the grains pass through a sieve of less than 1000 micrometre aperture.Hey did you know Garri is also Cassava flakes?!, Bet you didn't ...

You do not necessary need large amount of capital to start, Processing of cassava for food involves combinations of fermentation, drying, and cooking and Submerged fermentation involves the soaking of whole peeled, cut and peeled, or unpeeled cassava roots in water for various periods, as typified by the production of fufu and lafun in Nigeria.

You also note that you do need a cassava processing machine, if you do not have onne you can contact people who process garri and pay them then you distribute. i bet you will be amillionnaire in no time.

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