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This business is highly profitable in Nigeria

A business is a daily activity that a person do to earn money.There are different types of business in Nigeria, but some business are more profitable than some other business.

In Nigeria there are alot of people engaged in so many businesses and this has helped them feed their selves and children.

Restaurant And Provision Shops.

A restaurant is a place where you can buy and eat a meal. This is also a business and it is highly profitable.

A provision shop is a place where you buy food items for cooking. These provision shops are own by business men and women, who stands the chance to earn more money.

Food is the most important thing in a person's life and without food there is no life. With this knowledge, business owners in this field, earns more money.

There are businesses in Nigeria where it involves building and selling of clothes. Business owners in this field earns more money, because a human can not do without clothes.

There you have it, businesses that are highly profitable in Nigeria. What are your take on this?

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